Thorbacco E-liquid, Creamy, Vanilla Butterscotch entwined with sweet Tobacco leaf and a sprinkle of Coconut and Brown Sugar.

thorbacco shortfill 50ml

Thorbacco E-Liquid

Our Thorbacco Shortfill 50ml was created for all vapers, whether you like traditional tobacco flavours or not. Even if you try to avoid traditional tobacco e-liquids, we are sure you will love this one!

Has to be the best tobacco juice I have tried if you like tobacco liquids you will love this if you don’t like tobacco you will love it. bold no harsh flavours each one complimenting the next. Thank you for my new favourite will definitely be buying more.


As someone who very much dislikes traditional Tobacco flavours, this was surprisingly amazing for me! 10/10!


Thorbacco E-LIQUID

A beautiful mix of creamy vanilla butterscotch entwined with sweet tobacco leaf with just a sprinkly of coconut and brown sugar, making Thorbacco seriously worth trying.

thorbacco eliquids online

Tobacco flavour

Even if you don’t like tobacco flavours, it’s worth giving this one a try because this is no ordinary tobacco. Its been created for all vapers and all tastes.