Top 3 First Vapes for Beginners in 2023

If you are looking to stop smoking, start vaping or just interested in what vaping has to offer, choosing the right vape can be difficult with so many options available. In this article we look at some of the top vapes on the market as a first vape in 2023 including best mouth to lung and best vape pens to quit smoking.

first vape for beginner in 2021

Best Vape Pen To Quit Smoking

In recent years e-cigarettes have rapidly grown in popularity as the most popular choice for smokers looking to make the switch. Pens offering a more satisfying vaping experience and the ability to vape e-liquid flavours successfully pushed them ahead as the number one choice. Although many consider vape pens as glorified atomizers, it is the combination of coil type and wicking material that makes them different from alternative stop smoking methods.

The first thing to consider is the wattage range the pen offers – this allows you to determine how powerful it will be. You can look at the coils resistance and wattage requirements for more information on how much power you need. To give you an idea, most beginner vape pens produce around 7-15 watts of power and 1100mAh batteries provide enough power to support that range.

Mouth To Lung Vaping

Mouth to lung vaping is when you draw the vapour into your mouth at first and then inhale it into your lungs. This is the best vape for beginners because it simulates smoking a cigarette and allows you to get used to vaping without changing too much at once. As such, many people choose this type of device as their first vape.

mouth to lung first vape

Sub Ohm Vaping

Sub ohm vaping is when you draw a higher concentration of vapour into the lungs. This form of vaping provides a more intense hit and therefore some vapers prefer it to mouth to lung vaping. However, this must be done with caution as the high concentration of nicotine can overwhelm new users so should only be used by intermediate or advanced vapers.

Many smokers find it difficult to use sub ohm vapes as the power required to produce a good big cloud of vapour can make even unflavoured e-liquid taste harsh. For this reason, we recommend going for a mouth to lung vape if you are looking for a first vape that is good for quitting smoking, as it is more similar to the experience of smoking than sub ohm vaping.

sub ohm vaping first vape 2021

Vape Battery Life

If you want to go straight in at the top, look for a vape pen capable of 40-50 watts with an 1100mAh battery – this will last most vapers all day and still be compact enough to carry around with you. Many of the best vape pens come with a built-in battery and can be charged via USB meaning that wherever you are, you will never completely run out of power.

On the other hand, some devices have external vape batteries that you can remove and charge using a battery charger.


Best First Vapes In 2023

Oxva Xlim V2 Kit

The Oxva Xlim V2 Kit is a small and compact pod system device that easily fits into your pocket. Featuring an impressive 900mAh battery, it is designed to last a good while on a single charge. A device created with ease in mind, the Oxva Xlim V2 is simple to use with its single button and magnetic pod. The wattage can be adjusted in 0.5w increments by simply clicking the fire button 3 times and then clicking the button again to increase up to a maximum of 25w. When the pod is inserted, the device will automatically detect the best wattage for the coil.

This device also features a super fast draw activation meaning no button pressing needed and no delays. The pods used in the Oxva Xlim V2 have an integrated coil that can not be removed, once the coil has reached its lifespan just dispose of the entire pod and replace. No more messy coil changes, making this the perfect choice for a beginner!

oxva xlim v2

Vaporesso GTX One Kit

Another option if you’re looking for the best mouth to lung vape is the Vaporesso GTX One kit. This kit comes with a sub-ohm tank that can hold 2ml of e-liquid and compatible with coils down to 0.3 ohms – ideal if you want large amounts of vapour from your mouth to lung device.

The mod itself can produce up to 40 watts and features adjustable airflow, type-c charging and a compact design. This makes it one of the best first vape kits on the market. Also, it features a 2000mah battery for long lasting vaping.

VooPoo Doric Q or Doric 20

These two VooPoo Doric devices will both fit the two types of ITO pods available – the ITO cartridges, which have built in coils, and the ITO replacement pods, which allow you to change the coil. The benefit of the cartridges is that there are no fiddly coil changes; once the coil is burnt, you simply throw away the whole cartridge and replace it with a new one. On the other hand, the replacement pods allow you to change the coil yourself and therefore choose your resistance preference, plus saves you a little money (5 coils for £10 as opposed to 4 cartridges).

The VooPoo Doric Q is a compact and convenient kit that it perfect for MTL vapers. It is draw activated, and the 800mAh battery allows for up to 2 days of vaping after a single charge. VooPoo ITO technology provides a smooth vaping experience, and the long-lasting coil can last for up to 10 days of vaping!

The Doric 20 is powered by a large 1500mAh built-in battery, and is also draw activated, or you can choose to push the button to fire it up. The type-C fast charging feature allows the device to fully charge within an hour and gives you a full day of vaping before needing to be charged again.

Both MTL, these devices are ideal for beginners and guarantee intense flavour!

doric q
doric 20

Entry Level Vaping Tips

When you’re first starting out vaping, the best thing to do is to keep it simple. If you want a vape that mimics smoking and helps you quit cigarettes, we recommend going for a mouth-to-lung, low watt device as these offer more of a similar experience than sub ohm vaping. However, if you wish to sub ohm vape, go for a mod that can be adjustable so you can dial down the power to suit your preferences.

Also, make sure you buy some e-liquid and a vape band to protect your device. You should also learn what e-liquid to use with your device.

You can call or email us with any questions if you are still unsure about buying your first vape.

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