Top 3 Best Coil Saving E-Liquids

There are a few different factors that affect how quickly your coil will burn out. One of those is the type of e-liquid you’re using! By using coil saving e-liquids, you can prolong the life of your coil thus saving yourself money and time. E-liquid is formed of different measurements of flavours, sweetener, Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. The final result holds all different properties, including how sweet the juice is when vaped, its consistency and the different flavours that have been added.

This article will explain how these different properties will affect the life of your coil and why some juices burn through your coils quicker than others. If you want to get the best out of your coil, find out how you can prolong its life just by switching to coil saving e-liquids.

What makes coils burn?

Reasons your coils are burning too quickly

The main cause of coil-burning juice is high amounts of sweetener. Glucose is a sticky substance when burned and attaches itself to the cotton on your coil, affecting absorption and resulting in your coil burning dry even though there is e-liquid in your tank.

You may not be using e-liquid with a lot of additional sweetener, but particularly sweet flavours in the mixture may have glucose included and will have the same result.

Another factor to fast burning juice is it’s VG to PG ratio. VG is a thicker substance and can tend to ‘gunk up’ your coils, leading to burning. Try to opt for an e-liquid with a higher PG ratio if applicable to your device, or a 50/50 mixture. If you’re using a higher power device, however, you should use an e-liquid with a higher VG ratio as it will burn through the thin high PG liquids too quickly.

coils burning too fast how to fix with coil saving eliquids longest lasting vape coils
stop coils burning with coil saving e-liquids

How can I stop my coils from burning quickly?

3 Ways to stop your coil from burning so fast

1. Begin by researching which of your favourite flavours are high in sweetener

Look into trying new, coil saving e-liquids such as our premium, coil saving e-liquid ranges Thor Juice, Loki or Hela. Unlike our juice, cheaper e-liquid is loaded with sweetener to improve the taste, but it is very taxing on your coils.

2. Choose a higher PG e-liquid or a 50/50 mixture

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is much thicker than Propylene Glycol (PG). It has a tendency to block up your coils more than high PG e-liquid after extensive use. This does not mean you should stop using High VG juice, especially if that’s what your device is made for; if your coils are sub-ohm (more powerful) then this is less of an issue as it is designed to prevent this build up from happening.

However, using high PG e-liquid with a less powerful coil can lead to this build up and lack of absorption.

3. Avoid dark coloured e-liquid

While dark coloured e-liquid tends to be full of flavour, they sometimes have a darker colour due to high glucose content. However, when e-liquid contains nicotine and has been sat for a while, the nicotine tends to turn a dark colour – this is completely normal. The rule of thumb is, if it’s fresh juice but dark in colour then it likely has a lot of sweetener – however if it is old juice and has turned darker then it is likely just the nicotine that has darkened over time.

how to avoid burning coils by not using dark eliquids

Best coil saving e-liquids

Considering everything above, here’s a list of great e-liquid ranges that will not burn through your coils and will extend their life, saving you money and time.

What brands, flavours and e-liquid ranges to look for to improve your coil life

1. Thor Juice


Thor Juice is low in sweetener and uses natural food-grade flavouring to accomplish the fantastic e-liquid flavours that are available.  We have always prided ourselves on tasty, clean and coil saving e-liquids and that is what Thor Juice is all about. Created with all the best and natural ingredients to keep your coil working smoothly and your taste buds satisfied.

Thor Juice is our longest running, most loved range. It includes both 10mls (available in different nicotine strengths), and 50ml shortfill bottles with space to add your own nicotine. We’re sure you’ll find your new favourite here!

2. Loki Juice


Loki, the god of mischief, and the name of our range of dessert and fruity flavours with the same coil saving properties as Thor Juice. Its VG ratio caters for sub ohm vapers and boasts huge amounts flavour in each bottle.

Available in 50ml shortfill bottles with space for adding your own nicotine.

3. Hela E-liquid


Hela e-liquid is a big twist on our other ranges, with very unique flavour profiles and mixtures you haven’t seen before. By using the same ingredients and supplier of flavourings, we yet again accomplished a coil saving finished product with fantastic flavour and clean ingredients.

Available in 50ml shortfill bottles with space for adding your own nicotine.

More ways to save your coils

Steps you can take to make the most of your coils

1. Consider using different coils

Different devices have coils that are optimised for individual vaping preferences. Some coils are tighter, ideal for PG e-liquid and have a higher ohm resistance for mouth-to-lung vapers, while others are more airy and are best used with high VG e-liquid with direct-lung devices. Therefore, you should adapt your vaping style to this coil or find a coil better suited to you.

Read our article on the longest lasting vape coils of 2020

longest lasting Vape Coils

2. Prime your coils properly

Priming your coils is the process of soaking the cotton with juice and letting it sit before using it. This ensures that when you hit the fire button, power isn’t sent to dry cotton but instead wet cotton that will produce vapour instead of smoke from the burned cotton.

Read a more extensive guide on priming your coils

stop coils burning with coil saving e-liquids

3. Change your wattage

Sometimes it’s the simpler things that you don’t realise could be causing the problem. Check the box of your coils or the coil itself for a recommended wattage range. If you are sending too much power to a coil and it doesn’t have enough cotton or resistance to cater for this, then it will get too hot and therefore burn right away. If you’re running it too low, there won’t be enough power to burn through the juice, causing it to clog up the coil and burn.

Some devices have a smart mode that will detect the best wattage for the inserted coil, while others need to be changed manually.

We hope this helps! If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch!

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