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From the creators of Thor Juice, Thorhammer is a collection of high-resolution 3D Printed resin miniature models ready for you to paint, display and battle in your tabletop or board games!

Choose from hundreds of designs, from Orcs to Space Marines, Vampires to Elves, Arnie & Ripley to Alien & Predator. Thorhammer has plenty to start your miniature collection.

We also have some gorgeous pre-owned painted Games Workshop and Dungeons & Dragons miniatures. These are hand painted and some have been modified so they’ll be unique and you won’t find them anywhere else. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The intellectual property of the 3D printed designs belong to the designer, therefore Thorhammer 3D Ltd have purchased merchant licences where necessary in order for Thorhammer 3D Ltd to legally sell the prints.

We will continue to grow the selection of 3D printed models so please stay tuned…

3d printed
3D Printed
Painted Preowned
Painted Pre-Owned


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