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Welcome to the best vape store online. We stock hundreds of quality and cheap E Liquids, well performing vaping hardware such as starter kits and advanced kits, the best vape mods and tanks, as well as RDAs/RTAs, high quality batteries, long lasting coils, chargers and other vaping accessories.

All our products are sourced from quality suppliers and our ranges of vape juice are manufactured in an extremely clean, regulated laboratory with careful thought and precise measurements to produce some of the best vape flavours on the planet. Browse our vape store online.

Vape Store

Vape E Liquid

The E liquid we sell is only the greatest, tastiest and best quality E liquid in the UK and across the globe. We have 3 ranges of our own, Thor, Loki and Hela. We also sell hundreds of flavours from other brands such as Mr Wicks, Whats for Afters, HooligansPukka, IVGDinner LadyMomo Salt and much more!

Vape Kits

Full kits, starter to advanced, specifically chosen to create a broad range of devices suitable for different types of vapers. Including pod systems, sub-ohm and tight draw devices for those who miss the draw from cigarettes. 


Vaping Mods sold without tanks, is your mod getting dated, doesn’t output enough power or getting run down? Upgrade your device with a brand new mod here at The Vapour Room.


Coils are an imperative part of vaping and is one of those things that will always need replacing after using your vape for some time. If your vape is beginning to taste burnt, or is lacking flavour then you are likely to need a new coil.


Vape Tanks built with flavour, durability and long lasting performance as a priority. We offer a select few of the greatest tanks at different price points, for more high end devices that output higher wattage, to low end vape devices that don’t require a high end tank.

RDA/RTA Rebuildables

We offer a few quality rebuildable vaping products, including RDAs and RTAs for the more advanced vaper.

Batteries and Chargers

Vape Batteries and Chargers are an essential part of keeping your vape running at optimum performance. If your device has external batteries, while you can charge the device using the internal charging (either micro-usb or USB-C), it is recommended to take the batteries out and charge them using an external battery charger like the MC2 charger.

Thor Juice Clothing Store

Love Thor Juice? Or just a fan of vaping, we have stylish Thor Juice jumpers and t shirts, including Dragons Blood, Fuzzy Duck and Wobbly Goblin T shirts and a black Thor Juice logo Hoodie


Pimp your Vape with awesome vape accessories such as Thor Juice vape bands, wicked battery wraps, silicone tank caps and more!

We hope you find something you like in our online vape store. We are always updating the products to bring a wider variety of quality vaping products so keep an eye out!

Got any questions? Give us a call at 01825 873 126 or get in touch