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Welcome to the Vapour Room Hailsham, home of our multi award winning Thor Juice! We have a fully trained team dedicated to helping you with your vaping needs whether you are a vaping veteran or a smoker who is brand new to vaping looking to quit cigarettes. Our approachable team is here to help you every step of the way!

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01323 325511


St Marys Walk, 2a, Hailsham BN27 1AF



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More About our Hailsham Vape Shop

Our Hailsham vape shop has been around for a good few years. Feedback on this store tells us that it is the best place to go for e-liquid, coils, and other vaping products in Hailsham! We love to hear what customers think about our service in all our establishments. Our Hailsham store underwent a move just a few doors down in 2019, so if you visited the store a while ago check the address details above, you can find our Hailsham Vape Store at 2a St Marys Walk.

What We Sell

We stock a wide range of e-liquid, from Thor, Loki and Hela which are our own ranges. To Mr Wicks, Whats for Afters, SQZD and much more. See our online shop to see the stock we provide our shops, they may not have everything in stock as certain products go quick! We sell a huge range of coils for many tanks – mainly the tanks that we sell or have sold in the past to ensure that customers can come to us to keep vaping. Furthermore, we stock starter kits to more advanced kits. As well as mods, tanks and accessories.

Our Prices

We always aim to price our products reasonably and competitively to other vape shops. We sell only genuine and premium quality vaping products, when it comes to e-liquid we only sell what we feel tastes great, vapes great and is of good quality, so you may not find dirt cheap e-liquid that will burn your coils and hurt your throat – we wouldn’t want to sell that!

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