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After menthol cigarettes being banned in the UK, you should know that we, as a e-liquid manufacturer – are here to help you make a healthier and cheaper change to find the perfect menthol ban compliant alternative by vaping menthol e-liquid instead of smoking.



Menthol Cigarettes are now unavailable to purchase in the UK as a result of the European Unions Tobacco Products Directive. Regardless of the UK’s departure from the EU it has still come into effect.

This ban is part of measures to discourage people from taking up smoking by removing characterising flavours, including menthol.

Why are menthol cigarettes now banned in the UK?

All cigarettes with a “characterising flavour” has been banned by the EU Tobacco Products Directive as of the 20th May 2020.

The move is part of efforts to deter young people from starting to use menthol cigarettes as they mistakenly believe the flavoured characteristic makes the habit less harmful than standard cigarettes.



You may have never liked the idea of vaping fruity and sweet flavours, or you gave it a try and it wasn’t for you. However, Menthol flavoured e-liquid has been around for a long time and could be your escape from smoking normal cigarettes after the menthol ban in 2020.

Know nothing about vaping? We are always eager to help anyone with questions about vaping, how e-liquid works and the health and safety and pricing benefits to this great smoking alternative.

Give us a call at 01825 873 126 or head to our support page and we will respond to you very shortly.

Cost Benefits to Vaping Instead of Smoking

The average cigarette smoker will spend £3,501.46 per year on cigarettes, which is a considerable amount more than a yearly cost of £306.86 paid by the average vaper for vaping essentials.

Across all our Vapour Room Stores we offer a great bundle deal on 10mls which is 3 10mls for £9.99. And 2 50mls for £22.00.

Health Benefits to Vaping Instead of Smoking

To begin with, although e-liquid does contain nicotine – e-liquid does not contain any of the harmful toxins found in cigarettes which are cancer causing and lead to other health risks such as bad breath, teeth staining, persistent coughing, heart disease, strokes, lung diseases and much more.

Read more about the health risks of smoking cigarettes

In addition to this, e-liquid is made from common ingredients found in foods and plants. These ingredients commonly include Vegetable Glycerin, Propelyn Glycol and Food-Grade Flavourings. This being said, menthol e-liquid is a great menthol ban compliant alternative for you to try.

Read more about what ingredients are in e-liquid

More Benefits to Vaping Instead of Smoking

Smoking has proved to cause up to 6.1 million yearly deaths, where as no deaths have been proved to be caused by vaping in the United Kingdom. The difference between deaths linked to vaping in other countries is down to tighter regulations on e-liquid manufacturing here in the UK. Read UK e-liquid manufacturing regulations here.

In addition to this, e-liquid provides odour-less vapour when vaped. On the other hand, cigarettes have a bad smell and cause bad breath (though subjective to whether or not you like the smell!) but your loved ones and friends may not.

Especially after the menthol ban, the millions of flavours of e-liquids proves another huge benefit to taking up vaping in 2020.


Get started vaping and what kit is recommended


We sell a lot of vape kits, but not every one is suited to a beginner with more advanced features and different vaping preferences that move further and further away from the feeling of smoking the cigarretes you crave.

We analysed our kits and decided that the Smok Nord 2 Kit is the best option for a beginner vaper for the following reasons:

What to look for in a starter kit

  • Tight draw simulating a cigarrete
  • Easy to use
  • Simple functionality
  • Great flavour
  • Quick charge
  • Long battery life

At a price of just £29.99, the Smok Nord 2 Kit is the perfect device to begin vaping and will save you more money than any alternative ‘quit smoking solutions’ that do not work.


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